As enterprises grow their customer base and provide more products and services through their digital platforms, the need for a robust CIAM solution becomes even more critical. 

This article will discuss what CIAM is, how an IDaaS benefits an enterprise, and why it’s better than building their own solution.

What is CIAM?

Customer identity and access management (CIAM) is the set of technologies, processes, and best practices that create and manage identity profiles for customers, as well as manage and control how users access the company’s products, applications and services.

CIAM involves access, authentication, and authorization solutions or features for enterprises. These solutions include customer registration, account management, access management, and identity management and data storage, using technologies like single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and data access governance.

The goal of CIAM is to give the customer a secure, seamless customer experience at any scale, in any channel, to give the best brand experience.

What is IDaaS?

Identity-as-a-service, or IDaaS, is a software delivery model that allows users to access and use identity management services from the cloud. This cloud-based approach to identity security leverages the power of cloud computing and adaptive authentication to improve the customer identity journey. In the following section, we’ll discuss the benefits and challenges of this approach.

What is Identity Management?

Identity management is the set of practices and tools that ensure the right people access the right resources within the organization. This can be applied for both internal users, such as employees, as well as external customers who log in and access a company’s applications and services.

Using IDaaS technology, companies can correctly identify, authenticate, and authorize users so that each user can access only those resources that have been authorized for them to access. Coupled with a robust access control, IDaaS provides a layer of security and protection that addresses the ever growing number of cybersecurity threats. 

Why use IDaaS for your CIAM needs?

Similar to SaaS, Identity-as-a-Service, or IDaaS, provides an enterprise with the best technologies to handle their identity management needs. Although companies can build their own CIAM solutions, a CIAM IDaaS can provide benefits that outweigh an own-built system.  Here are some advantages of using IDaaS for your CIAM needs:


One of the main benefits of having an IDaaS solution for your customer identity and access management needs is that the service is available anywhere there is internet access. Users from everywhere will be able to access your services and resources securely, following global standards in identity management, at all times.

Quick deployment

Another advantage of getting an IDaaS solution is that you can deploy the CIAM solution relatively faster than building an in-house system: equipment setup, installation, configuration and licensing management are all handled by the external CIAM solutions provider. You just have to integrate your system with the IDaaS CIAM platform.


Aside from not having upfront hardware and software costs for setting up your own CIAM solution, there are several payment methods, such as pay-as-you-go models, tiered payment, per feature pricing, and others that will accommodate your current financial strategy.


As your user number grows, you can easily accommodate and handle their transactions since an IDaaS is scalable, and grows with your expanding requirements.

Increase security

An important advantage is increased security: IDaaS providers are continuously upgrading their security provisions, aligning with, and investing in the latest identity security protections and regulations. These extreme precautions benefit and cascade to their clients. 

Why Next Reason is the CIAM IDaaS for you

Choosing the right CIAM provider for your enterprise can be a daunting task with a lot of companies advertising they can do everything. With Next Reason, we focus on learning what your actual customer access and identity management needs are, and providing the right product and services that address your pain points and challenges.

Here are just a few of the ways we can partner with you:

We have built Next Identity, our main product, as a highly secure, unified governance layer for managing enterprise customer identity journeys at scale. It includes a managed cloud platform-as-a-service that can help you manage millions, or billions of identities, and process billions of logins, and transactions daily. It’s purpose-built for global enterprises, to manage the complexity and risk to customer identity and privacy at scale, with an OIDC-based hosted interface for rapid deployment and management of end-to-end user journeys. Additionally, Next Identity easily allows for consistent branding across applications.

We are identity experts. Our team of engineers are certified in identity and access management technologies and their combined experience in the CIAM field is utilized and maximized in every part of our product and service. We know what works and what doesn’t when integrating CIAM systems with identity data stores like Akamai Identity Cloud.

Our team can handle feature requests from your application teams, and we help you prioritize these features to have the best user experience and return on investments.

We become your single point of contact for support for your CIAM solution, eliminating the need to round up or go through several support channels of infrastructure, software and service providers.


Choosing to use an CIAM IDaaS can be a challenging task, but let Next Reason’s team of identity experts and powerful identity management product help you make the right decision. Let’s talk and discuss your needs and so we can provide you with a clearer view of your identity landscape. Schedule a call now.