Is your identity management living up to your consumers’ expectations?

Our 5 steps to your CIAM success

What can you expect when working with Next Reason?
Our process is split into five parts:


Show up where you are. We’ll figure out what should come next.

Clients come to us with all sorts of challenges. Maybe they know their security is lacking but aren’t sure how to find the weak points. Maybe they’re trying to learn how to best modernize their systems. Maybe they’ve already got a smart CIAM/CDP strategy in place, but struggle to execute it effectively.

If there were a master key for ID management, we wouldn’t be in business. Next Reason evaluates your challenges and existing systems, then creates a custom solution for your specific goals, security concerns and technical needs.


Now that there’s a plan, let’s activate.

Once we build your custom solution, we integrate it with your systems and onboard your team so they can hit the ground running. When your team gets the right training from Day 1, everyone saves time and money.

We can lead the way forward on:

  • Data as a service
  • Data consolidation
  • Improved user journey
  • Risk modeling
  • Fraud prevention
  • Customer loyalty


It’s an ongoing process, not a one-time fix.

So you have new CIAM/CDP solutions in place. But it’s not just set it and forget it.

Strong governance is the backbone of your CIAM/CDP strategy. Keeping your stored data safe for the future means policies and procedures to maintain security and regulatory standards. And making sure it’s valid and relevant with regular data cleansing and enrichment.

Let’s talk security. The secret to strong security is navigating regulatory guidelines (which, can be complicated), while anticipating future needs before they arrive.

From GDPR framework to data residency and monitoring compliance, Next Reason offers you room to adapt and introduce new functionality as needed.


See what’s coming next. Build before it gets here.

Is it possible to future-proof your business? Next Reason can help you see far out on the horizon, so you’re never taken by surprise.

Working with Next Reason means having access to our expertise in industry innovation and trend forecasting. We can assess your situation and advise you on how to best prepare for the future.


We’re in this together.

Our support efforts are focused on helping you follow existing best practices, and new ones as they emerge. Regulations and security standards are always changing, and staying on top of them is the best way to position yourself for success.

Got a problem now? We’re on it. With 24/7 availability across the globe, Next Reason is ready to respond as questions arise. Your internal tech staff can get in touch any time (seriously, any time).

Client success stories

Here are some of the success stories of our clients

Helping Manage a Global Energy Enterprise

When a leading energy company needed to manage their global array of brands, organizations and properties, Next Reason stepped in to replace their cumbersome systems with a centralized ID management solution. Now, instead of jumping through hoops and waiting months for each new integration approval, they can offer a simple, flexible process and a single place for onboarding, configuration and troubleshooting.

Creating CDP center of excellence

A customer data platform built for marketing teams came to Next Reason looking for a mix of strategic consulting, technical implementation and platform best practices. Because each of the many brands using their platform comes with its own team and budget, they were limited in their ability to facilitate complex integrations or afford an enterprise solution. To save everyone time, Next Reason created a CDP center of excellence to act as a single place where all requests would come through.