SECURE your enterprise customer identity service

SECURE your enterprise customer identity service with a comprehensive security stack tuned to identify and mitigate threats at every layer to protect your customers—and your business.

Complex global enterprises without a governed customer identity service are more at risk of security breaches, credential stuffing attacks, costly regulatory penalties, and losing revenue and earned customer loyalty as a result. Next Identity SECURE protects your business and your customers at every layer with security-first features tuned to detect and deflect potential threats—enabling your business to protect your service, your customers, and your business.

Next Identity SECURE enables our clients to


Protect your service

Next Identity SECURE protects your enterprise services through strong security augmentation such as firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and advanced secrets vault protection.



Improve online experience of your customers by keeping them safe fraud and identity them by quickly and accurately identifying them using the powerful security and protection features of Next Identity SECURE.



By ensuring the high availability, confidentiality, and integrity of your enterprise’s CIAM infrastructure, Next Identity SECURE protects your business, enabling disaster recovery and business continuity.


Support zero-trust architecture

Next Identity SECURE can implement a zero-trust architecture, assuming all network traffic, both internal and external, is untrusted and must be verified before allowing access. 

Next Identity OPERATE, powered by Next Identity Platform

Next Identity is a unified orchestration layer for managing customer identity at scale connecting dozens or hundreds of enterprise applications with one or many customer data stores.