PORTLAND, Ore. —  October 18, 2021 —Next Reason, a Portland-based technology company, has today announced the launch of Next Identity, a customer identity access management (CIAM) platform designed for multinational enterprises.

Consumers expect their login experience to be private, secure, and effortless; especially from the global brands they know and trust. Managing the authentication, authorization, and governance of these experiences across channels and applications is complex.

Next Identity is an integration layer supporting interoperability, security, and scalability between CIAM vendors and customer applications. The quick-to-deploy, highly configurable identity-as-a-service platform allows enterprises to govern and scale consumer identity as needs and regulations evolve.

“Global enterprises bring a different level of complexity to customer identity management. They manage millions of identities, across disparate integrations and systems, with a variety of localization, regulatory and privacy requirements, and the need for high service and security standards,” said Nate Syztel, CEO of Next Reason. “The strength of Next Reason’s managed services, paired with the Next Identity platform offers a holistic approach to identity and the shortest path to value realization.”

Enterprises use Next Identity to improve customer onboarding and digital experiences, govern and secure customer data, comply with data privacy regulations and ultimately, achieve operational excellence.

Key features of Next Identity’s core platform:

  • Next Identity Journeys
    Hosted user journeys delivering pre-registration, registration, login, forgot password, profile, and other common customer use cases using open integration standards, leading to accelerated time to market.
  • Next Identity API
    A full-featured API enabling application development teams to customize user journeys while maintaining global governance control that meets enterprise security, risk management, and operational excellence across your customer identity landscape.
  • Threat Guard
    Comprehensive threat protection at every layer of your customer identity landscape including Perimeter Security, Form Security, and Business Continuity.
  • IdP Federation
    Connect applications to one—or multiple—backend data stores.

Next Identity is available now to select customers. For more information, visit Next Reason’s website to learn more about the Next Identity platform or schedule a demo.


About Next Reason: 

Managing customer identity is risky and complex. Next Reason’s product + services approach enables Enterprises to stay one step ahead by providing Next Identity, a customizable, quick-to-deploy CIAM solution, with a managed service for identity solutions governance, and forward-looking strategy.

Founded in 2017 by engineers with deep identity management and security expertise, Next Reason is trusted by multinational corporations and the Fortune 500. To learn more, visit https://nextreason.com/.





Media contact:
Matt Koltermann, COO, Next Reason


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