Next Identity

The customer identity gateway for enterprise IT service owners

What’s Next Identity?

It’s a secure, unified governance layer for managing enterprise customer identity journeys at scale.

Who 's it for?

Enterprise companies that potentially manage many millions of identities, and process billions of logins and transactions daily.

What does it do?

It lets you quickly deploy a feature-rich authentication and authorization layer that seamlessly integrates your applications with your data store.

How is it different?

Next Identity was purpose-built for global Enterprises to manage the complexity and risk of customer identity and privacy at scale.

Why Next Identity?

The security and scalability of a best in class solution

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Customization that matches the complexity of your business

The speed and agility of a startup

Next Identity includes:

Managed cloud platform-as-a-service

OIDC-based hosted interface to deploy and manage the end to end consumer journey

An API layer to integrate with external systems

Modern identity security at every layer

A software development kit (SDK)

Next Identity’s core features include:

> Customer self-registration (B2C)

> Invite-only activation (B2B)

> Localization (30+ locales)

> Custom branding

Additional features include:

> Multi-factor authentication

> Consent management

> Threat guard

> Custom IdPs

An integrated, governed customer data layer

Sometimes the key to optimizing your existing stack is in layering in a tool that has the power and function to turbo-charge the tools that you’re already using. Next Identity changes the way Enterprises manage customer identity — from legacy systems and random solutions to an integrated, governed customer data layer.

Priced to fit your unique needs

We’ve created pricing and packages to fit your unique needs and allow you to easily add new capabilities as your customer programs (and technology needs) evolve. Pricing varies based on API requests, integrations, and number of consumer identities under management.

Pricing packages


A hosted solution with core features designed to jumpstart your digital transformation and unify your customer identity landscape.

Deliver secure user journeys connected to your data store.


All the features in Essential, plus:

  • Integrations for up to 20 business applications
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Integrated consent management
  • Password history and inspection
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Includes everything in Pro, plus:

  • Unlimited integrations
  • (and custom integration)
  • Advanced threat detection
  • Support for multiple sub-brands
    … and more

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Next Identity solves your CIAM challenges

Deploy fast


CIAM solutions can require a heavy lift from engineering to integrate CIAM backends into applications. Think six months to a year or more to fully integrate.


CIAM solutions can require a heavy lift from engineering to integrate CIAM backends into applications. Think six months to a year or more to fully integrate.

Save money


Enterprise CIAM is expensive. Developing, maintaining, governing, supporting and scaling complex solutions often ends up costing far more than budgeted.


Our fully managed platform reduces the burden — and costs — of engineering, support and architectural resources needed. And because it’s an IDaaS solution, there’s no large upfront investment.

Follow industry standards and best practices


Authentication and authorization protocols are complicated. Engineers who aren’t specialists may end up developing solutions that aren’t sound, secure or scalable.


Next Identity follows all industry standard OIDC protocols, and evolves to meet new compliance requirements as they come up.

Handle complex use cases


Deploying custom CIAM solutions that need to meet complex requirements is incredibly challenging. Think: third-party data integrations, managing dozens or hundreds of properties, fraud protection, progressive profiling, or accessibility.


Our hosted CIAM deployment layer scales to meet even the most complex requirements by offering SaaS solutions for common integration patterns faced by large organizations.

Achieve security and privacy requirements (aka compliance)


When developers do their own integration, they can inadvertently make decisions that compromise your compliance, exposing you to legal and financial risk (not to mention data breaches).


Next Identity always follows best practices for securely stewarding data between the application and the CIAM backend, ensuring you stay secure and in compliance.

Achieve performance requirements


If unexpected surges in traffic overwhelm resources, it can result in a bad experience for the end users. That risks your retention revenue goals (never good).


Next Identity’s modern container-based infrastructure adapts and auto-scales to meet the surges that follow a slam-dunk marketing campaign (or any sudden traffic you weren’t expecting).

Stay on the cutting edge


CIAM vendors can be slow to evolve.


Because it’s built by Next Reason, Next Identity is more agile. We can develop new capabilities quickly, so you stay relevant to your consumers.

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