Next Identity: a platform with configurable microservices and UX to improve the security and functionality of your customer applications.

We partner with industry leaders to provide Identity as a Service (IDaaS) interfacing with a variety of client and server options. Next Identity features are continuously developed and supported by the Next Reason Services and Product teams.

  • 24/7/365 support from our team experienced in managing high volume systems with millions of users

  • Trusted technology and infrastructure components

  • Platform independent with connection available to multiple platforms

  • Configurable, dynamic services and UX features to achieve changing requirements

  • Reliability ensured with automated build and test coverage for platform changes

  • Integration samples and consulting support provided beyond basic documentation

We partner with industry leading infrastructure services to ensure reliability.


Applications and Services: AWS


Core Backend: Akamai and more

  • Availability - Identity Cloud actual availability on a 99.95% SLA

  • Security - Has the most externally validated data protections of any CIAM vendor. Reputation for secure, distributed network edge products.

  • Akamai is our preferred data storage partner, but we are open to connecting with any secure system with the necessary service access.

Continuous Integration: Bitbucket

  • Pipelines - Automated building and testing ensures quality in our products.


Integration SDK: AppAuth


Authentication: OAuth + OIDC

  • The OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol is an identity layer expanding on the OAuth 2.0 authentication standard for secure client authentication.

  • Securely verify the credentials and identity of the end-user, and obtain basic profile information in a secure token.

  • Next Reason is certified by the OpenID foundation