Your brand and identity is not just your logos, styles, and colors: those are your branding. Brand is what customers feel or think about when they see your name or branding. It’s basically their experience with your company, products and services. That’s why customer identity and access management is crucial for your brand: first impressions last, and CIAM is their first impression of your company.


What is CIAM?

Customer identity and access management or CIAM, is the set of technologies, processes, and best practices that create and manage identity profiles for customers, as well as manage and control how users access the company’s products, applications and services.


What is your brand?

Oftentimes, when we say brand, we mean a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that distinguishes one seller’s goods or service from those of other businesses. But beyond that definition, your brand includes most importantly the experience your customers have with your business.


Effects of CIAM to your brand

For enterprises that offer applications and services, CIAM is the first point of contact customers have with your products. As customers register, or login into your application, your enterprise customer identity and access management solutions authenticates their identity, and grants them access and authorizes them to the services they’re allowed to use. The convenience and accessibility of these first interactions will determine your brand’s image and impression to customers and potential clients. If they find it easy and convenient to access your applications and services, they’ll be happy with your brand. If they experience anything less than that, you may have lost some business.


How to improve your brand with CIAM

Improving your customers’ experience with your CIAM solution can be done in several ways. 

The most important one is to ensure that customers can conveniently and securely access your products and services. If possible, provide multiple ways to login. For example, aside from the traditional username and password, offer passwordless authentication options like biometrics or device fingerprinting. 

Passwordless authentication takes away the tedious task of entering a password. Instead, customers can opt to use their biometric information like fingerprint, facial features, and even iris details to login. 

With device fingerprinting, a unique ID is created for the device the customer is logging from, using different characteristics of the device and the conditions of the registration. All this information is collected, and then used to generate a unique device ID. This device ID is in turn saved in the users profile. The next time the customer attempts to log in using that device, your CIAM solution can check the device ID to see if it matches those in record. If it does, the user is logged in and provided access without entering a password. 

Providing alternatives to the password login process shows your concern for the customers’ experience, and your intentions of providing the most convenient way for them to access and use your enterprise’s products and services. 

There is an ever growing need for people to get the products they want, and services they need in the shortest possible time. Using your customer identity and access management solution to improve user experience and address this “need for speed” by customers, you can greatly improve your brand, and create a positive image for your business.

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