Meet Some of the Team

Adrian Capili

Implementation Consultant

Manila, Philippines

Adrian is an Implementation Consultant here at Next Reason. In other words, he puts Next Reason solutions to work. Customer Data Platforms and how data relates to marketing strategy are his world. He brings the idea of proactive data campaigns and personalization to Next Reason. When it comes to marketing automation and the customer data experience, he’s our guy.

Fabio Pulzi

Senior Software Engineer

Nova Odessa, São Paulo, Brazil

Helpful is an understatement when describing Fabio. As a Senior Software Engineer at Next Reason, his focus is on developing new features for Next Reason products, working on custom scripts to match customer needs, and building internal tools to optimize our day-to-day activities. He digs into custom reports to extract data that helps clients to better analyze customer data. In addition to his hard coding skills, Fabio is the person who everyone knows they can count on for training and collaboration.

Gabriel Machado Santos

Senior Software Architect

Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil

As Senior Software Architect and team lead for our Next Identity product, much of Gabriel’s work is behind the scenes. But it’s his hard work that gets the job done at Next Reason. What makes Gabriel such a strong engineer is that he thinks outside of traditional solution paths, and he has an ability to see inefficiencies in existing technical solutions and workflow. Better yet, he takes the initiative to do new research and make improvements with everything he does.

Mike Ballew

Technical Consultant

Portland, Oregon, USA

With a degree in electrical and computer engineering and a decade of experience in the non-profit sector, Mike brings a varied set of skills to Next Reason. While the title Technical Consultant doesn't really tell the full story, it's his ability to listen, troubleshoot and translate complex technical problems into understandable components that makes him such an asset. On top of that, he's easy to work with, and you should ask him about his time in West Africa teaching math and science through the Peace Corps, in French.

Haley Lovett

Technical Lead/Security Officer

Portland, Oregon, USA

As Technical Lead and Security Officer, Haley works with developers, architects and business stakeholders. She has a knack for understanding customer challenges and envisioning solutions. In her own words, “Just because we technically can do something, doesn't mean it's a good idea – it’s best to take a step back to get to the why and the larger issue at hand.” Equal parts technical solutionist and people person, she puts her people skills to work training Next Reason team members on client needs.



Portland, Oregon, USA

Nate runs the product and technology side of Next Reason. In the words of a co-worker, “He has the patience of a saint and the brains of a computer.” He’s an identity platform architect with deep experience helping enterprise-scale businesses connect the dots and develop systems that solve big-picture needs. As a founder and CEO, Nate’s role goes well beyond the technical side of the biz. He’s actively involved in the behind-the-scenes operations and strategizing for the future, too.



Portland, Oregon, USA

Matt leads Next Reason’s services and operations teams. He brings an efficient, methodical approach to everything he does, but it’s his ability to lead the team while making everyone feel welcome and appreciated that’s notable. Being a partner and COO of Next Reason, he is involved in almost every aspect of the business. In the words of a co-worker, “He’s a natural leader with the ability to understand the challenge of a situation – whether it’s enabling people, negotiating contract terms or understanding the software market.” He helps Next Reason bring order where there is chaos.


Director, Global Operations

Manila, Philippines

As our Director, Global Operations in the Philippines, Kay runs our team not only from a management and operational perspective, but also from a mentoring perspective. She comes to us with 19 years of ops experience in the captive and non-captive BPO industry. At Next Reason, she handles a variety of roles: managing the team, working directly with customers, evaluating metrics and performance, coaching and mentoring, and planning activities to bring the team together. As a co-worker described her, “She has an innate ability to listen and understand what each person needs to help them thrive."

Core Values

Care about the customer

Caring deeply about the success and happiness of our customers (and their customers) is how we earn their trust. We strive to empathize and then offer relief.

Secure Icon

Take security seriously

We offer our customers the highest levels of security, confidentiality and integrity. We all share the responsibility for ensuring that security standards are met.

See it coming

When our clients have questions, we don’t just answer them — we also work to understand why they’re asking, so we can address problems before they arrive.

Be accountable

Every member of the team is accountable for the quality of their work, and takes initiative to create positive results.

Respect the process

Process is key to avoid unwanted surprises. If no process exists yet, we create our own (and document it).

Keep on learning

Our industry is young and changing fast. We’re always seeking education so we can all continue to grow as professionals.