Next Identity: Communication Service helps manage your transactional SMS and email communication without delay. 

Every customer interaction is important, but high availability and speed is required when communication is a gate to application access. Each communication needs to be in the correct context, and may require codes to be sent and verified.

Top Features

  • Authentication: SMS or email authentication, with multi-factor workflows available.

  • Transactional Messages: dynamic welcome, password reset, and other user focused messages triggered and verified.

  • One Time Password (OTP): one time passwords generated and verified.

  • Provider Flexibility: we connect to multiple leading SMS and email providers.

How it works

  • The service is hosted in AWS and your application may be whitelisted to make a server-to-server API call.

  • Client code examples are available, including cross-origin JavaScript, and one specifically for the Akamai/Janrain JS widget.

  • Configurations are available via API, or with assistance. Configuration of service features may be set differently for each application property you’d like to define.

  • All passwords and personal data are stored in your backend Identity system, which is shielded with additional protections. Your app receives simple decision information which does not contain private data.