Atlas Console

A modern portal for operating your enterprise customer identity landscape integrated with Next Identity.

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What’s Atlas Console?

It’s a unified portal for operating enterprise customer identity solutions that are integrated with Next Identity.

Who 's it for?

Enterprise companies that potentially manage many millions of identities, and process billions of logins and transactions daily.

What does it do?

It helps administer user access, onboard new application integrations, view analytics of customer behavior across hundreds of integrations, and much more.

How is it different?

Atlas Console was purpose-built for global enterprises to manage the complexity of operating enterprise CIAM.

Why Atlas Console?

Core components that cover the different levels of your enterprise

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Manage properties across the enterprise

Customized dashboard for each admin user

Atlas Console’s core features include:

Organization to application level roles and permissions

Comprehensive Asset Management

A global search capability across assets

Notification for all events that occur in Atlas Console

Atlas Console’s additional features include:

Onboarding dashboard

Platform analytics

Atlas Console UI screens

Next Reason's modern portal for operating enterprise customer identity landscape

Atlas Console provides an overview of properties and the clients as attributes of that property. Paired with the Analytics module, service owners gain an understanding of how different features are used, to drive feature development that leads to more adoption. 

Atlas Console enables our clients to


View consumer and platform analytics across hundreds of integrations


Manage inventories of configuration assets


Administer user access


Access comprehensive audit logs


Onboard new application integrations