ANALYZE service data and uncover deep insights

ANALYZE your customer identity service data and uncover deep insights.

Next Identity ANALYZE provides service owners with deep insight into feature adoption, user growth trends, customer activity, and common user journey pain points across hundreds of applications to make informed decisions.

Next Identity ANALYZE enables our clients to

Analyze service data

Through the Next Identity Console, service owners gains a crucial overview of the applications and properties within the enterprise. Using the powerful analysis tools available, service owners can view consumer and platform analytics across hundreds of integrations and use these insights to manage and grow their business operations.

Achieve adoption goals

Using the onboarding data visualization capabilities of the Next Identity ANALYZE, service owners can have a real-time bird’s eye view of onboarding applications and their statuses. Using these information, identity professionals can formulate strategies that will achieve their systems’ adoption goals.

Analyze security insights

Security is in the heart of a great CIAM solution. Using Next Identity ANALYZE, service owners have a 360-degree view of the CIAM activities of the enterprise, getting real-time feedback for areas that are vulnerable or are tagged as critical. This enables companies to see gaps and perform the appropriate security functions.

Next Identity ANALYZE, powered by Next Identity Console

Next Identity Console provides an overview of properties and the clients as attributes of that property. Paired with the Analytics module, service owners gain an understanding of how different features are used, to drive feature development that leads to more adoption.