ADOPT new features and onboard applications

ADOPT new customer identity features across your service, onboard applications at enterprise scale, and achieve your digital transformation goals faster than you thought possible.

Next Identity ADOPT accelerates your digital transformation efforts by orchestrating application onboarding workflows from discovery to deployment, and delivers modern tools and integrations that enable delegated onboarding.

Next Identity ADOPT enables our clients to


onboard applications at enterprise scale

Using Next Identity ADOPT enables service owners to onboard multiple application of varying scales into the Next Identity Platform.


enable customer sign on across applications

With the cross-application sign on capabilities of Next Identity ADOPT, customers and end-users can use the same credentials.


migrate customers from a legacy directory

Next Identity ADOPT helps enterprises perform large scale user migrations from legacy directories into newer ones, with the ability to do bulk migrations as well as just-in-time migrations.


Integrate acquired companies

Easily integrate acquired companies into your enterprise, systematically onboarding applications as required.



Utilizing Next Identity ADOPT’s pre-built features, enterprises and their service owners can initiate and drive digital transformation efforts, accelerating adoption.

Next Identity ADOPT’s features include:


Just-In-Time Migration

Supports both user-driven and automated migration from a legacy directory to a new one the next time the customer logs in.

Onboarding Dashboard

Next Identity Console provides an overview of properties and the clients as attributes of that property.


Provisioner Templates

Provision new clients using predefined configuration templates to accelerate integration.


Workflow Templates

Provision new clients using predefined configuration templates to accelerate integration.

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Next Identity ADOPT, powered by Next Identity Platform

Next Identity is a unified orchestration layer for managing customer identity at scale connecting dozens or hundreds of enterprise applications with one or many customer data stores.